Founders Statement

"With over 20 years’ experience in the mental health field as an emergency room assessor, I identified a need-gap on availability of a single comprehensive resource tool on mental health.

I have observed that mental health remains a topic tainted with stigma and insufficient dissemination of information. I have seen too many people suffering from the feeling that they are struggling alone without any support system, or think they are the only ones with a problem, or are uncomfortable discussing any matter related to mental health—be it for themselves or for someone they know.

I have met patients, family members, and even health care providers, who were not able to access or provide adequate care simply because they did not have the correct information when needed. I have also witnessed, first-hand, how having timely, correct information can eliminate one’s fear of being alone and not knowing or understanding what to do. The power of information simply cannot be understated. I decided to create this publication to provide a one-stop, summarized resource for some of this information."

Jacqui Ragin, MS, MPH, PhD

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